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Meet the family of Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic~
        The lead veterinarian at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic is Dr. James Graf.  Dr. Graf graduated with his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University in 1989.  He moved to the Fountain area in 1993 where he has been providing quality pet care for many years.  Patricia Graf, Certified Veterinary Technician/Practice manager of FCVC has worked with Dr. Graf since 1993.  They function as the team leaders at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic.  Dr. Graf and Patty have four children.  The Family enjoys riding their mules and horses in the mountains of Colorado and spending most of their free time in the outdoors.  They own five mules and one horse (Pete, Tracker, Dakota, George, and Cover.)  They also have a Yellow lab named Cindy, a Chocolate lab named Kelly, and a Boston terrier named Cricket.  Cricket is their circus dog because she does several tricks. 
        Mandy is Dr. Graf and Patty’s daughter.  She is attending College and works as Assistant Office Manager/Vet Assistant for FCVC.  Mandy is working toward a degree in criminal justice.  She loves to ride and train horses. Her true love is her Morab named Justice.  Mandy is fondly known as the “cat woman” due to her love of cats and ability to handle them.  Mandy owns a F5 Savanna cat named Katos.  Mandy’s past dog, Taz, just can’t be replaced.  He was a male Doberman that passed away.  Mandy will someday own another Doberman and several cats.
        Jen Zakrzewski is a full time Veterinary Assistan for FCVC. Her husband Matt is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army in Iraq.  Jen spent four years as an Animal Care Specialist in the U.S. Army and is currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology from Penn Foster College.  Her hobbies include reading, horseback riding, and hiking.  Matt and Jen have two beagles, Abby and Chloe.
        Cassidy Martin is the Inventory Manager as well as a client care specialist at FCVC’s front desk. Cassidy is going to college working toward a degree in Criminal Justice. Cassidy owns a Doberman Pincher named Erin. Cassidy also enjoys horse back riding, reading, random road trips, and coffee… lots of coffee…
        Elizabeth Harvell is Patty and Dr. Graf’s oldest daughter. She works at the front desk. She is also a part time photographer, and a Zoology student with an emphasis on Herpetology at Pikes Peak Community College.  Beth has several pets including; a Corgi named Panda, A Pekingese mix named Bubbles Pookie Bear, A cat named Fat Cat Lucy, A Reticulated Python named Stretch, and a Morgan horse named Rajani.
       Jessica is an assistant for Fountain Creek Veterinary clinic. She graduated from Mesa Ridge High School and will be attending PPCC in the fall. Jessica has a pet German Shepard named Nelson, and a goose named Louis Bobilitz, and two ducks named Benny and June. Jessica enjoys hanging out with friends and playing soccer.
        Dr. Graf, Patty Graf, and the staff of Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic (FCVC) would like to welcome you to our clinic.  Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic offers business hours from Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5:30pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 12:00pm.  FCVC provides treatment for dogs, cats, avian, pocket pets, and reptiles. 
        We provide full service veterinary care to include routine care and preventative medicine such as vaccines and worming.  Most surgeries are same day surgeries.  Dentistry, spay, and neuter surgeries come in the morning and go home that same afternoon.  We offer most surgical procedures including daytime emergency treatments and surgeries.  We also offer overnight hospitalization.  We do accept walk in appointments, but whenever possible we encourage our clients to make appointments so we are able to reduce the waiting period for everyone.  We are always accepting new clients and welcome you and your pets to come and meet our friendly staff.
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