The lead veterinarian at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic is James P. Graf. DVM, Dr. Graf graduated with his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University in 1989. He moved to the Fountain area in 1993 where he has been providing quality pet care for many years. He and his late wife, Patricia Graf, CVT, worked to grow FCVC from 1993 to 2020 (when she passed). They functioned as the team leaders at FCVC. Dr. Graf and Patty have four children. The Family still enjoys riding their mules and horses in the mountains of Colorado and spending most of their free time outdoors. Dr. Graf continues to help animals and serve the community. He is often quoted as saying “There are lies all over the world but there is one truth. Jesus”. Dr. Graf draws his strength and gift to practice medicine from a higher power, for sure.




Amanda is the Practice Manager/VN for FCVC. She loves to ride horses and spend time with her family. She and her husband have a small amount of ranch land with many pets, including horses. She affirms that her life has led her to believe one thing for sure. Without God she would not be here. She believes that without something to “believe in” and something to “live better” for, we won’t reach our full potential to help others.




Shannon is the office manager as well as one of our client care specialists. She has an unmatched sense of duty that we admire and takes care of the entire team. She is founded in love for family. Shannon has a passion for planting and plants and adores camping and fishing.




Shawna is a CVT and an absolute joy to have on the team. She is well known for her love for animals, her family and hard work every day. She is truly one of the most real people we at FCVC have ever had the opportunity to work with.




Anne is one of our veterinary nurses. She has a love for horses and ranch life. Anne is determined in all things. She feels that, in life, you get what you give so she gives her all. Anne is always friendly and dependable. She is beyond sound and a wonderful person.




Jen is our Assistant Admin. Manager and a veterinary nurse. She is a mom first and loves her family. She and her family have horses, dogs and a cat. She is kind and compassionate… Which we need more of in this world.




Michele is one of our client care specialist team. She is crazy eclectic, loving all things from animals to motors. She is delightful to work with.




Lillian is one of our kennel techs and is working hard to move into VA stage one in the near future. She has a love for dogs and cats and a drive to make helping animals her career.




Ben is a kennel tech and gives us a couple of days a week around his actual career, he has a love of the outdoors, cooking, hiking with his dog, Zelda, and at FCVC his addition to our work is very helpful.




Aubrey is one of our veterinary nurses. She has been in this field for a while and is a wonderful asset to our team. She and her family enjoy the important things in life, which is so enriching. She loves animals and is not afraid to help whenever and wherever she is needed.




Kalyn is one of our stage one VA’s. She has worked her way from kennel tech and is in school to become a DVM. We look forward to every school break, as she comes back to work with us on her off seasons. Hopefully we will get to call her a member of our doctor pool one day.


We appreciate the hard work and dedication that the entire FCVC team offers. Without them, this would just be a building.