The lead veterinarian at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic is Dr. James Graf. Dr. Graf graduated with his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University in 1989. He moved to the Fountain area in 1993 where he has been providing quality pet care for many years. Patricia Graf, Certified Veterinary Technician/Practice manager of FCVC has worked with Dr. Graf since 1993. They function as the team leaders at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Graf and Patty have four children. The Family enjoys riding their mules and horses in the mountains of Colorado and spending most of their free time in the outdoors. They have mules (Dakota, Fancy and Cinco). They also have two Yellow lab’s named PJ and Rip, a Chocolate lab named Kelly, and a whole bunch of chickens.

Dr. Rhodes

Dr. Rhodes is Dr. Graf’s associate doctor. She graduated with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of Florida in 2008. She moved to the Fountain area in 2013 with her horse, Boston, and has made a beautiful home here. She is talented in many things one of which is design, she makes quality beauty products and decor in her free time. Dr. Rhodes is an excellent equestrian rider and stays very active. She has a passion for animals and a tiny zoo in her home to prove it. Dr. Rhodes is driven to better herself and her practice daily. She is typically accompanied by her poodle Patsie.


Amanda (Mandy) is Dr. Graf and Patty’s daughter. She works as Assistant Administrative Manager/VT for FCVC. She loves to ride and train horses and spend time with her family. She and her husband have a small amount of ranch land with many pets ranging form horses to chickens. She says she needs one full day out east and quiet time in her “prayer room” to revive herself for the week. Amanda believes that without something to “believe in” and something to “live better” for we wont reach our full potential to help others.


Shannon is the office manager as well as one of the client care specialists for FCVC. She is an avid hiker and loves camping.


Shawna is a CVT and an absolute joy to have on the team. She is well known for her love for animals and hard work everyday.


Anne is a Vet Assistant that is rapidly working her way towards her CVT. She has a love for horses and ranch life. Anne is determined in all things. She feels that, in life, you get what you give so she gives her all. Anne is always friendly and is a delight to work with.


Kayla is a Vet Assistant and has been working with animals for over 10 years. She has many loves in life but her foremost is her son, R.W. Kayla is known for her passion towards large breed dogs. Her pet Jager is a small dog weighing in at measly 110 lbs. She loves to play sports and has a vast appreciation for music, and good times with family and friends. She is a very skilled assistant with a wonderful work ethic and loyalty to others that is hard to surpass.


Natasha is a Certified Vet Assistant with FCVC. She has an admirable duty to her husband and children that filters into her work ethic. Natasha’s willingness to help others and creativity has lead to team-building “POW WOW” meetings that allow our team to relax and bond. Natasha is a fast learner with ever-growing technical skills.


Danyar has been a valued member of the FCVC team for over a year and always brightens our day. The team joking says: It’s alright, I have a Danyar” when anyone is in need of assistance. He is motivated and adds good energy to our team. Danyar loves music and is an exquisite artist, he is also into fitness and keeping others motivated to do their best.


Summer is a CVA and is a valuable member of the FCVC team. She is always willing to help others and strives to keep her team dynamic. Her credo in life is: Live loyal to those you love, keep family close, and always live better. Her children are part of her heartbeat and her drive to help animals speaks volumes about her character.


Rachael is a VA and Client Care Specialist with FCVC. She has an immeasurable exuberance in life. Her desire to gain new experiences has created a fondness to travel that has lead her to many countries overseas. Her love of German Shepherds (GSD) is her biggest weakness at FCVC. Every time a GSD comes into the hospital Rachael happens to gravitate toward that case, and repeats “Such a fan” with a huge smile on her face.


Aslhey is a Client Care Specialist with FCVC. She has had many years experience as a caregiver and transferred that talent into the veterinary field just this year. She favors herself more of a dog person but would prefer a pet giraffe if she could choose. Aslhey’s spontaneity in life has lead her to have an opened mindedness that keeps her composed and accepting of anything life throws her way.

Amanda M

Amanda is a VT with over 12 years experience and, happily, has recently moved back to Colorado, She loves to help others and joined the FCVC team to do just that. She is also extremely family-oriented and will do anything to preserve good memories with them.

Justin H

Justin is working at FCVC around school and has aspirations to make the Veterinary field his career. He has a wonderful work ethic and adds a friendly supportive attitude to our work environment. Justin likes sports, including baseball but loves to play hockey. We are lucky to have such a good kid on our team.