The lead veterinarian at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic is Dr. James Graf. Dr. Graf graduated with his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University in 1989. He moved to the Fountain area in 1993 where he has been providing quality pet care for many years. Patricia Graf, Certified Veterinary Technician/Practice manager of FCVC has worked with Dr. Graf since 1993. They function as the team leaders at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Graf and Patty have four children. The Family enjoys riding their mules and horses in the mountains of Colorado and spending most of their free time in the outdoors. They have mules (Dakota, Fancy and Cinco). They also have two Yellow lab’s named PJ and Rip, a Chocolate lab named Kelly, and a whole bunch of chickens.

Dr. Rhodes

Dr. Rhodes is Dr. Graf’s associate doctor. She graduated with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of Florida in 2008. She moved to the Fountain area in 2013 with her horse, Boston, and has made a beautiful home here. She is talented in many things one of which is design, she makes quality beauty products and decor in her free time. Dr. Rhodes is an excellent equestrian rider and stays very active. She has a passion for animals and a tiny zoo in her home to prove it. Dr. Rhodes is driven to better herself and her practice daily. She is typically accompanied by her poodle Patsie.


Amanda (Mandy) is Dr. Graf and Patty’s daughter. She is attending College and works as Assistant Office Manager/Vet Assistant for FCVC. She loves to ride and train horses.


Jenn is the supervising CVT in the FCVC team. She loves to be active and be with her family.


Shannon is the office manager as well as one of the client care specialists for FCVC. She is an avid hiker and loves camping.


Shawna is a CVT and an absolute joy to have on the team. She is well known for her love for animals and hard work everyday.


Amanda is a CVT that has worked in animal emergency as well as general practice. She has a beautiful family and is very skilled in many things. One of her more fun hobbies is homemade designer cakes. Which are wonderful.


Holly is a client care specialist and Manager for FCVC. She loves horses and her dogs almost as much as her family. Holly, her husband and boys are true ranchers at heart.


Anja is one of our Kennel assistants as well as jack of all trades. She is a wonder to work with as her comedic timing is amazing. Her hard work and willingness to help anyone on her team at all times is outstanding. Anja only has one weakness: Puppies!


Sabrina is one of our client care specialists and she assists medically. Her shoes would be hard to fill. She likes to travel, be with her family and is extremely outdoorsy. She loves dogs, among her favorite breeds are labs.