Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic is delighted to share a wonderful Pet Hero with you all this week.

We would like to introduce you to Calypso. Calypso is an almost 4 lbs Kitten with about 400 lbs of character. She is also a very lucky kitten. Her hero is her newly found Family, the Page’s. While driving home on Calypso’s life changing day, The Page’s daughter saw the travelers in a vehicle in front of her throw a fast food bag out of the their window. Feeling frustrated by the idea of littering, and in this way, Miss Page got out of her car to retrieve the greasy bag. Lo and behold a tiny fuzzy ball of fur came meowing out of it. Calypso had entered her new world.

Mrs. Page quickly made an appointment with FCVC. At the time our appointment schedule read “Kitten” under patient. In hopes that Calypso would become a member of the family but with that still undetermined Mrs. Page was trying not to get too attached to the playful little kitten… She was already in the palm of Calypso’s little paw.

At her next exam with vaccines Mrs. Page shared the news that her husband had been engaged by our furry new friend and Calypso had found her forever home. Calypso is scheduled to continue her wellness visits and further health care to ensure she has a happy healthy future with the Page family. As Mrs. Page says: We need to take good care of this little girl, she has already lost one of her nine lives. (Paraphrased)

Thank you to the Page Family for your amazing rescue and for giving Calypso a wonderful home.

This week Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic, FCVC, would like to introduce you to two pet heroes. Two boys named Loki and Deano. These boys have had quite a lot of good luck as each of them went through similar situations and both had good people willing to go the extra mile to protect them, even though they were strangers. Loki was found by a man named Chris Dot that caught him and kept him safe while tirelessly searching for Loki’s family. This happened just before Thanksgiving and even with the holiday knocking at the door Chris allowed the large male dog to stay with him and found his home. Deano was lost near I25 and seemed as though he had been through a lot.

Another Good Samaritan found him and launched a search for his family. We contacted the Humane Society (HSPPR) and we were happy to find out that he was reunited with his family also. Thank you to all of the pet lovers that take the time to stop for a pet and those that take action and help others. FCVC has many clients that bring in lost pets in hopes that a microchip will be found or that a rabies tag will lead to the animal’s home. To each of you, thank you for caring; thank you for trying. We are so happy that Loki and Deano are home safe and sound because of good people.